3 November 2014 1 comment

I was absolutely thrilled on Friday to be featured as one of the four ceramicists you need to know about on the Dailylife website. Thank you Amy Richardson for putting it all together!

Go check out the article here

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I like to do things slow. By that I mean I like to take the time and energy to get things the best that I can in a gentle way. There are many hats that I put on when I go to work in my studio each day.

Somedays I am the cheer leader, other days I am the hard yakka get down and dirty doer, there are the times I am the mad scientist- making concoctions- but one of my favourite hats is the environmentalist. This one consists of taking my studio waste and making it into something of worth. I have made great new products from elements that I previously saw as a waste product. This is something I am always striving to get better at. As nearly all my products are made in my studio I have amazing control about where and how I use “waste materials”. One of my favourite things to do is to shred my waste paper (there is not much of it!) and turn it into soil by composting, which in the end helps to feed my veggies which ultimately feeds my family and friends. It is pretty nifty. When things get a little tough in the studio I like to pop out into my garden and turn the compost, it really helps re-boot my creativity!

I would love to hear from you, give me your tips!
What things re-boot your creativity?
How are you actively being an environmentalist in your house?

25 July 2014 Comment »

Running super late with telling you all about my new things!

But I have some, and only a few of them! They are hot off the press and finally out of my head and into the world! I am a bit excited about them.

Tonight they are going to be at Finders Keepers! Launched. So if you come down and they are all gone feel free to order one. If you are looking for me and cannot find me at the Finders Keepers, know that I am right down the back second row forward on the right... visualise that. Yeah they put me with the naughty kids, not surprising really!

Here is a sneak peak.

Here is some ring bling- because you know it is kind of neat.

Some small cups made for your green tea drinking.

Someone once said something at sometime about silver lining and clouds, but honey, my clouds are all silver.

I made something for the cats, because I love them...

I have whipped up some small bags, so if you buy my ceramics you will get one, they come in pink or blue. They will also be for sale individually if you simply have to have more than one! Because to be honest I am having a hard time parting with them myself.

14 July 2014 Comment »

Not long to go until I am The Finders Keepers Melbourne! I am not doing many markets this year- so come and catch me while you can!

I am in full prep mode here in the studio. These images were taken last night where I was painting on tonnes of small coloured dots on my sweet confetti range of ceramics, then stacking them into my kiln in the dark spooky shed. I am racing to get enough stock together! Oh, the beauty of hand made!

7 July 2014 Comment »

Well, it is that time of year again! Time to subscribe to Mini Comic of the Month! It is a limited subscription of 300 and the offer closes at the end of July, or as soon as the 300 places are filled, so be quick, as I hate seeing people sad.

This year I thought I would interview Andrew Fulton, who is the guy who organises the entire event! His studio right next door to mine, so it is pretty easy to do. I like easy. For those that don't know he is also my husband, so it is nice to have an excuse to talk to him.
Firstly here are some of the awesome artists that are signed up to be a part of it this year!

Sarah McNeil

The Seven Seas

Andrew Fulton

Carla McRae

If you like you can hear a great podcast from Make it Then Tell Everybody which also interviews Andrew about the mini comic business.

Q.When and how did it all begin and how did you get roped into curating it?

A. The club was started up by Pat Grant in maybe 2009/2010, he asked me to make a comic for that first one. I hadn't made an actual comic before - like I had drawn them, but not actually printed any out into a proper mini. A few years later I decided it would be cool thing to get going again - I cant remember what started me thinking about it. So I guess I roped myself into it?

Q. What is the best part about being in the club?

A. Apart from the obvious fun of getting surprise comics in the mail, the best bit is getting people involved that might not otherwise have made a comic, and having readers discover new artists through the club that they otherise wouldn't have come across.

Q. What is your favourite comic? What is so good about it?

A. That's a real hard question to answer. Probably my favourite comic right now is "By This Shall You Know Him" by Jesse Jacobs. It's about these god creatures creating the universe. It's beautiful grotesque and funny. Or maybe "Turtie Needs Work" by Steve Wolfhard, which is this tiny book, a series of two panel strip where this little turtle goes through a series of jobs. It's really sweet.

Q.What was the first comic book you remember reading? what got you hooked?

A. Dad used to bring back comics sometimes when he travelled for work, I have this vague memory of a Fantastic Four comic, maybe some Mad Magazines. I think the thing that I really got into was "Groo" by Sergio Aragonés - who also does all the little cartoons in the margins of Mad. Groo was about a wandering barbarian who went around getting in fights and basically making a complete mess of everything he touched. I guess I was into funny drawings above everything.

Q. Who are you featuring in this years comic club?

A. This year we have Carla McRae, Sarah Mcneil, Ben Juers, Marijka Gooding, Nicky Minus, Michael Fikaris, Rafferty Amor, Bailey Sharp, The Seven Seas, Neale Blanden, George Rex & Owen Heitmann.

Q. How do you see the comic book scene in Australia? Where do you want it to go?

A. The scene in Australia is pretty great, just very, very small. I just want the scene to get bigger, I want more people to know that comics exist and consider them a regular part of their Entertainment Lifestyle(tm)


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